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DES Examinations at AMC from 8.30 - 12.30
Academic Medical Center (AMC),
Meibergdreef 9, 1105 AZ Amsterdam
(Reception open from 7:30 a.m. at G4 174. Please, ask for Mr Anton Engelsman)
DES Examiners meeting 12.30 - 13.30 at AMC
(transfer examinators to KIT by bus)

Congress Venue
KIT – Koninlijk Instituut voor de Tropen
Mauritskade 63
1092 AD Amsterdam

Registration desk open from 8.00

    Pre-Congress Courses 9.30 – 12.30

  1. Pre-congres-Course 1 Neck US
    Tessa Van Ginhoven
    Room “Mauritz zaal”
  2. Pre-congres-Course 2 Fluorescence in Endocrine Surgery
    Jordi Vital Fortuny - Klaas Van Den Heede
    Room “Raadzaal”

    Pre-Congress Course 14.00 – 17.00

  3. Pre-congres-Course 3 DES Examinations preparation
    Radu Mihai - Marco Raffaelli - Oliver Gimm
    Room “Mauritz zaal”
  1. National Delegate Council Meeting 14.15 - 15.00
    Room “Raadzaal”
  2. UEMS Division of Endocrine Surgery Meeting 15.00-15.30
    Room “Raadzaal”
  3. ESES Executive Committee Meeting 15.30 - 18.30
    Room “Bestuurskamer”

President’s dinner on invitation only: departure at KIT at 19.00

FRIDAY MAY 25 2018 - Room Queen Maxima

8.00 - 8.30: Opening of the Congress
President of ESES: Anders Bergenfelz
Congress Organizers: Els Nieveen Van Dijkum - Sam Van Slycke
8.30 - 10.00: Oral Paper Session 1. Basic Research and GEP-NET
Moderators: Anton Engelsman – Els Nieveen van Dijkum

OC1.Patients with PHPT and FHH - surgical failure or coincidence?
Bhangu JS, Baumgartner-Parzer S, Selberherr A, Brammen L, Gessl A, Scheuba C, Riss P
OC2.A novel rapid assay for intraoperative monitoring of parathyroid hormone during surgery for hyperparathyroidism – Does the added cost add value
Naddaf A., Parkhach M., Smaxwill C., Leitner B., Zielke A.
OC3.Molecular profile and expression of iodine metabolizing genes in aggressive papillary thyroid cancer
Amit Agarwal, Nelson George, Neeraj Kumari, Sushil K Gupta, N Krishnani
OC4.Synergistic anti-cancer activity of tyrosine kinase inhibitors and paclitaxel with radiation on anaplastic thyroid cancer in vitro and in vivo
Soo Young Kim, Seok-Mo Kim, Hojin Chang, Bup-Woo Kim, Chi Young Lim, Yong Sang Lee, Hang-Seok Chang, and Cheong Soo Park
OC5.Construction of a thyroid gland from primary murine and human thyroid organoids
Groen A.H., Hosper N.A., Nagle P., Hess J., Hette F., Jellema A., Baanstra M., Links T.P., Unger K., Plukker J.Th.M., Coppes R.P.
OC6.Determinants of health-related quality of life after surgery for small intestinal neuroendocrine neoplasms in swedish patients
Milanetto Anna Caterina, Nordenström Erik, Sundlöv Anna, Almquist Martin
OC7.Long term outcome after resection and radiofrequency ablation of liver metastases in pancreatic neuroendocrine tumours
Kjaer J., Stålberg P., Skogseid B., Hellman P., Eriksson B., Norlen O.
OC8.Ampullary neuroendocrine neoplasms: experience of two pancreatic surgical centers on a rare challenging entity
Milanetto A.C., Pasquali C., Da Broi M., Blandamura S., Brambilla T., Capretti G., Nappo G., Zerbi A.
10.30 - 12.00: Oral Paper Session 2. Parathyroid
Moderators: Willemijn Van Der Plas – Tessa van Ginhoven

OC9.Mild sporadic primary hyperparathyroidism - lower chirurgical cure rate and lower sensitivity of parathyroid scintigraphy associated high rate of multiglandular disease
Trébouet E., Mirallié E., Bannani S., Leux C., Caillard C., Kraeber-Bodéré F., Autain-Renaudin K., Chaillous L., Ansquer C.
OC10.Does radioiodine ablation increase the risk of permanent hypoparathyroidism after total thyroidectomy plus central node dissection for papillary thyroid cancer? - a propensity matching score
Antonio Sitges-Serra, Inés Villarroya, Leyre Lorente, Juan Sancho
OC11.The use of a two-phase CT protocol as a first line imaging modality in parathyroid disease
Jamal, K. Morley, S. Beale, T. Jawad, S. Otero, S. Ioannidi, L. Chung, T. Simpson, H. Srirangalingam, U. Abdel-Aziz, T. Kurzawinski, T.
OC12.Impact of parathyroidectomy timing on graft function after kidney transplantation
van der Plas W.Y, von Forstner P., El Moumni M., Koh E.Y., Dulfer R.R., van Ginhoven T.M., Rotmans J.I., Appelman-Dijkstra N.M., Schepers A.,Hoorn E.J., Plukker J.Th.M., Vogt L., Engelsman A.F., Nieveen van Dijkum E.J.M., Kruijff S., Pol R.A., de Borst, M.H.
OC13.Intraoperative parathyroid glands examination in near-infrared (nir) light
Muntean V., Simescu R., Constantinescu D., Petre G., Salceriu D., Muntean A.G.
OC14.The use of autofluorescence for the Identification of parathyroid glands intraoperatively
Benmiloud F.
OC15.Enabling label-free real-time intraoperative parathyroid identification with a clinical prototype – a multicentric study
Thomas G., Magner A., Sanders M.E., Phay J.E., Baregamian N., Solorzano C.C., Mahadevan-Jansen A.
OC16.Parathyroidectomy versus cinacalcet for tertiary hyperparathyroidism - a retrospective analysis
Dulfer R.R., Koh E.Y, van der Plas W.Y., Engelsman A.F., Nieveen van Dijkum E.J.M., Pol R.A., Vogt L., de Borst M.H., Kruijff S., Schepers A., Appelman-Dijkstra N.M., Rotmans J.I., Hesselink D.A., van Eijck C.H.J., Hoorn E.J., van Ginhoven T.M.
12.00 - 12.45: Future ESES – EUROCRINE research projects
Radu Mihai
13.30 - 14.15: General Assembly
President of ESES: Anders Bergenfelz
14.15 - 15.00: Charles Proye lecture: Pheochromocytoma: A Challenge for Endocrine Surgeons
Quan - Yan Duh University of California, San Francisco, USA
Chair: Anders Bergenfelz
15.00 - 15.30: EUROCRINE Results
Anders Bergenfelz
16.00 - 18.00: Oral Paper Session 3. Adrenal
Moderators: Bert Bonsing – Fausto Palazzo

OC17.The Impact of Body Mass Index on Perioperative Outcomes of Robotic Adrenalectomy - an update
Agcaoglu O., Akbas M., Ozdemir M., Makay O.
OC18.Retroperitoneoscopic adrenalectomy in ipsilateral recurrent pheochromocytoma
Deimel, J, Knyazeva, P., Alesina, P.F., Walz, M.K.
OC19.Management of patients with adrenocortical carcinoma
Sartori P.V., Boniardi M., Pauna J., De Pasquale L., Gini P., Andreani S., Galimberti A., Lenna S.
OC20.Adrenalectomy in the UK: results from the British Association Endocrine and Thyroid Surgeons database
Patel N., Eagan R., Scott-Coombes D., Stechman M.
OC21.Efficacy of imaging modalities in metastatic adrenal masses: results of nation-wide madgor study
Arikan A.E., Makay O., Vatansever S., Alptekin H., Albeniz G., Demir A., Ozpek A., Tunca F.
OC22.Prognostic factors for adrenocortical carcinomas - Analysis of 72 consecutive cases
Tausanovic K., Slijepcevic N, Loncar Z., Diklic A., Zivaljevic V., Odalovic B., Jovanovic M., Rovcainin B., Paunovic I. Hyperparathyroid
OC23.Adrenal haemorrhage: differentiated diagnosis and surgical tactics
Cherenko S., Larin O., Tovkai O., Urina M.
OC24.Transperitoneal laparoscopic surgery in large adrenal masses
Nuri Alper S., Ahmet Cem D., Cevher A., Deniz G., Mehmet K., Sema Ciftci D., Meral M., Mehmet Emin G., Halil A.
18.00 - 18.30: President’s Farewell Adress
Anders Bergenfelz
Chair: Sam Van Slycke
18.30: Welcome Reception at the Marble Room

SATURDAY MAY 26 2018 - Room Queen Maxima

8.15 - 9.45: Oral Paper Session 4. Benign Thyroid
Moderators: Nicole Bouvy – Walter Mastboom

OC25.Early prediction of post-thyroidectomy hypocalcemia: validation of a new score based on the gradient of PTH descent and the number of identified parathyroid glands
Villar J., Triguero J., Fernández E., Notario P., Vico A., Expósito M., González S., Arcelus J.I., Muñoz N.
OC26.Transoral thyroid and parathyroid surgery in German speaking countries - implementation and evaluation of the Trans Oral Endoscopic Thyroidectomy Vestibular Approach (TOETVA)
Angkoon Anuwong M.D., Khwannara Ketwong M.D., Aristodemos Kounnamas M.D., Stefan Schopf M.D., Günther Klein M.D.
OC27.Thyroid cartilage electrodes versus tube electrodes in intra-operative neuromonitoring: a prospective evaluation of 20 cases.
Van Den Heede K., Van Slycke S., Vermeersch H., Brusselaers N.
OC28.Randomized controlled trial of platysma muscle suture versus no suture for wound closure after thyroid surgery
Senne M., Zein R., Falch C., Kirschniak A., Koenigsrainer A., Muller S.
OC29.Definition of cut-off values for recovery of EMG amplitude after transient recurrent laryngeal nerve injury during thyroid surgery
Schneider R., Randolph G., Dionigi G., Barczynski M., Chiang FY., Wu CW., Dralle H.
OC30.Improving outcomes from thyroidectomy - effect of surgeons' annual operative volume on late hypocalcaemia - Analysis of United Kingdom Registry of Endocrine and Thyroid Surgery (UKRETS).
Oweis D., Matthews J., Chadwick D., Aspinall S.
OC31.The assessment of cricothyroid muscle innervation pattern using intraoperative electromyography
Aygun N., Mihmanlı M., Isgor A., Uludag M.
OC32.Percutaneous ultrasound examination of vocal cords: do we need laryngoscopy?
Makarin V.A., Uspenskaya A.A., Timofeeva N.I., Slepstov I.V., Semenov A.A., Chernikov R.A., Chinchuk I.K., Karelina U.V., Novokshonov K.U., Fedorov E.A., Malugov Y.N.
09.45 - 10.15: Interactive video presentation: “Tips and tricks in Endocrine Surgery”
Moderators: Menno Vriens – Fausto Palazzo

Video 1.TOETVA: transoral thyroidectomy
Ozer Makay
Video 2.RATT: robot assisted transaxillary thyroidectomy
Inne Borel Rinkes
Video 3.Robot Whipple
Bas Groot Koerkamp
10.45 - 12.15: Oral Paper Session 4. Malignant Thyroid
Moderators: Jaap Bonjer – Lutske Lodewijk

OC33.Clinical value of ipsilateral central neck dissection in the management of patients with papillary thyroid carcinoma eligible for thyroid lobectomy
Raffaelli M, De Crea C, Sessa L, Tempera SE, Fadda G, Lombardi CP, Bellantone R.
OC34.Role of surgery in primary thyroid lymphoma. A multi-institutional registry
González-Sánchez M.C., Salvador-Egea M.P., Glückmann-Maldonado E., Ríos-Zambudio A., Martín-Fernández J., Pérez García J.I., García Lorenzo F., Ros-López S., Ortega-Serrano J., Gómez-Ramírez J., Morales-García D.J., Franch-Arcas G.
OC35.Changing trends in cure of sporadic medullary thyroid carcinoma following systematic preoperative calcitonin screening: results from a monocentric series of 178 operated patients.
Torresan F., Cavedon E., Mian C., Iacobone M.
OC36.The impact of change from AJCC TNM 7 to TNM 8 and comparison with MACIS score in non-medullary thyroid cancer
Sam Dwamena , Richard Egan, Michael Stechman, David Scott-Coombes
OC37.The role of molecular markers in determining the extent of surgery in thyroglossal cyst carcinoma
Bakkar Sohail, Macerola Elisabetta, Basolo Fulvio, Miccoli Paolo
OC38.The expression of tumour stroma markers regarding aggressiveness and metastasizing in small papillary thyroid cancers
ayadsi H., Gustafsson M., Fors M., Sund M., Hennings J.
OC39.Impact of intraoperative frozen section analysis on surgical management in thyroid malignancy - a comparison of Mainz single Center and German multicenter PETS II Trial
Staubitz J.I., Elmrich I., Watzka F., Lorenz K., Dralle H., Musholt T.J.
OC40.Evaluation of clinicopathologic factors of patients with follicular lesion of undetermined significance (FLUS) with fine needle aspiration biopsy made from thyroid nodules.
Yunus N., Tanju T., Samet S., Hikmet P., Barış S., Gül D.
12.15 - 12.45: Basic science lecture: DTC: TNM 8th edition: What changed and why?
Paul Van Crombrugge OLV Clinic Aalst, Aalst Belgium
Chair: Sam Van Slycke
12.45 - 13.00: Honorary membership and
Jean-François Henry Travelling Fellowship Chair: Sam Van Slycke – Kerstin Lorenz – Radu Mihai
14.15 - 15.15: Key Note lecture: Quality of care in endocrine surgery
Barney Harrison University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK
Chair: David Scott Coombes
15.15 - 16.15: Best Oral Paper Session
Moderators: Ozer Makay – Gianluca Donatini

OC41.Autofluorescence in Parathyroidectomy: Clinically Valuable Correlations?
DiMarco, A.N., Chotalia, R., Bloxham, R., McIntyre, C.J., Tolley, N.S., Palazzo, F. F.
OC42.Impact of short-term preoperative 1,25vitamin-d3 administration on postoperative hypocalcaemia in patients with total thyroidectomy - results from the prospective, randomized, multicenter HypoCalViD trial.
Wolak S , Scheunchen M, Smaxwil C, Langer P. , Weih H, Vorländer C, Ostermann A, Holzer K, Zielke A.
OC43.Contralateral surgery in patients scheduled for total thyroidectomy with initial loss or absence of the NM signal
Sitges-Serra A., Gallego-Otaegui L, Trillo L, Lorent L, Sancho J.
OC44.Pheochromocytoma and paraganglioma: value of functional studies for prediction of postsurgical disease recurrence
Ezzat Abdel-Aziz T., Shawky M.S., Jamal K., Prete F.P., Alnaim A., Wan S., Bomanji J., Kurzawinski T.
16.45 - 18.00: Interactive case presentation + extremely rare cases
Moderators: Schelto Kruijf – Radu Mihai

Case 1.Leave no stone unturned
Berends M. A.
Case 2.An acute presentation of pheochromocytoma: What to do?
Stalberg P.
Case 3.Management of a patient with stage IVC, initially non-resectable anaplastic thyroid cancer with good locoregional response following treatment with Lenvatinib
Jonker P.K.C.
Case 4.Cardiomyopathy in a young patient: How rare is rare?
Van Den Heede K.
Case 5.A rare case of Cushing’s syndrome
Lonkar I.
Case 6.An unexpected finding in a 69-year old male patient with a large adrenal tumor
Kuipers A. M.
18.00 - 18.15: Presenting UEMS diplomas
Chair: Marco Raffaelli – Oliver Gimm
20.00: GALA DINNER + best poster and oral paper awards
St. Olof’s Chapel
Prins Hendrikkade 59 - 72
1012 AD Amsterdam
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